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Amazon posts $126 million loss despite sales growth and new services

For its second quarter earnings for the 2014 twelvemonth, Amazon is promoting its growth in sales further as new product and services, however despite the positive outlook the net retailer's earnings paint a distinct image. Amazon saw losses widen to $126 million for the quarter, that is kind of the jump from a $7 million loss from a year previous.

Yet despite these losses, it looks that Amazon's different services do fine. the corporate is happy with the launch of fireside TV, a product that debuted earlier within the year, and Prime Music. It additionally additional Sunday delivert service in several markets and says that Amazon Prime customers will order as late as Fri and have packages delivered by Sunday.

The company noted that sales square measure up the maximum amount as twenty three p.c year-over-year which it had generated a thumping $19.34 billion in sales.

The company is additionally light its fireplace Phone, a novel product that recently launched. Given the temporal order of fireside Phone's launch, any sales of fireside Phones would not be enclosed during this quarterly report, that closed on Gregorian calendar month thirty, 2014, thus we'll ought to wait till future quarter to be told additional. Amazon's debut smartphone is seen as a product that may facilitate expand Amazon's e-commerce charm by investment Amazon's services like Prime, Instant Video, and Prime Music.

Investors don't appear happy with results and Amazon's share costs square measure down in late mercantilism.

source : androidcentral

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